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ACT Tips & Tricks

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Welcome to my website. Here, you'll find my ACT tip sheet. Before you go exploring the site and (hopefully) gathering information that will give you an easier time in the testing room, PLEASE read this home page first.

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This website is in no way is meant to educate you to a level where you are ready to perform to your fullest capacity on the ACT. However, it is the goal of this site is that you become aware of many inside tips and tricks that will hopefully give you an upper hand on some of the questions. If nothing else, hopefully you will answer four or five more questions right in each section that you would have normally missed. Four or five questions per section can mean a few composite points. It is the few composite points that separate you from the guy (or girl) next to you. It is your privilege to have this knowledge, and not anyone else. The word knowledge is used generously. This guide may be of no help whatsoever, and the shortcuts may even lower your potential score. These are simply tips that I have found to be beneficial to me. Always remember to go back and double check your answers, especially if you take a shortcut.

I again stress to everyone (especially educators) who have the potential to read this, THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. These are just a few tips that I think might help you raise your score by a few points. Enjoy!

Need Help in Math?

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Rule #1 - Have a backup calculator. Rule #2 - You will be told that "All questions on the questions on the mathematics portion of this exam can be answered without a calculator." This is borderline true...


Science Struggles?

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This section is... not (usually) about science at all. The science section of the ACT is mostly graph, table, and chart interpretation.